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Roll roll up
Uncle sams great American circus 2019
This yearís extraordinary show brings you star studded acts from around the globe we take you on a journey into outa space with real spaceship taking to the air in the big top do you believe in UFOS? Well we certainly do as we have two of our very own.
Brand new for 2019 we are proud to present miss Karin with her sensational footjuggling skills with speed elegance and danger all rolled into one.
Aaron Europa brings hand balancing with a difference displaying amazing strength as he performs handstands on not one or two or even three but five chairs high a real crowd pleaser as he his audience literally on the edge of their seats.
Miss Megan brings a stunning aerial silks act with splits, drops and truly graceful feats high in the roof of the big top.
This yearís comedy is provided by the world famous Rivelino clowns with their traditional style of slapstick comedy pleasing adult and child alike throughout this yearís performance they really are hilarious.
All children know Mary Poppins well uncle sams has their very own Mary Poppins the lovely miss Reka high in the roof of the big on her very own umbrella showing contortion beautiful tricks and even spinning from her neck.
We are very proud to introduce Mr. pavel valla bertini displaying what has never been seen before on a unicycle even one with an amazing height of 7 feet tall daring tricks include a backwards somersault never seen before in the uk he can also be seen in the next series of Britainís got talent.
The duo stefanelli are delighted to be back with a fantastic brand-new act for 2019 with magic and illusion as they change their beautiful costumes at the blink of an eye seeing really is believing.
Uncle sams would not be uncle sams if we didnít bring you our South American daredevils the thunderball riders with even more added danger as they speed around the giant globe at speeds of up to 60mph all of this plus many more surprises along the way Uncle Sam is so proud of his amazing 2019 show so please donít miss it.
Coming soon to a town near you!!!!